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Gift Certificates
(Updated: Sunday February 25, 2018)

Canít decide what to get or what excursion to buy? Why not purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE  and let your recipient choose. The perfect gift every time. Great for Christmas or any other occasion.

Alberta Prairie gift certificates can be issued in any denomination, although most are for a full value of trips, never expire and offer complete flexibility as to when your guests might like to ride. Certificates are very popular here at Alberta Prairie and they are made available on a regular basis.
We generally recommend purchasing a certificate with a value equal to one of our "Country Dinner" (A) excursions, the most popular and frequent of all the trips we do. The 2018 adult fare for County Dinners  is $110 plus G.S.T. and this particular type of excursion is most likely the one that your guests will book. However, the full face value of a certificate can be applied to any trip, even those which are more expensive. Should your guests decided on a Newfoundlander, Steak Barbecue or an APST Limited Special excursion, they can use their certificate and simply pay any difference. If you decide to purchase a certificate equal to the value of one of these higher end trips you are also welcome to do so.

Please give us a call during regular business hours at 1-800-282-3994 and staff here will look after you, answer any questions you might have, and issue a certificate. Our office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.
The complete proposed operating schedule for 2017 will be up on the web soon and will be available in printed after the first of the year.. 

The destination for Alberta Prairie excursions is Big Valley. This community was the divisional point for the Canadian Northern Railway in the early 1900s. Feature attractions include restored railway station, roundhouse interpretive centre, St. Edmund Church and Jimmy Jock Boardwalk.

 Menu Options
 Because of the nature of what it is we offer Alberta Prairie Railway is not able to provide alternative menu choices. Over the years what we have found is that guests find the buffet more than amble with lots of choices. In special circumstances, and as an alternative to the meat dish offered, guests can request a high-quality vegetable burger by pre-ordering at time of booking.

Dinners are buffet style, served at the hall in community named and are prepared by the people of that community. Meals usually include Alberta beef, potato, roll, salad, vegetables and dessert.

FINE RAILWAY DINING (Winter Excursions only)
Dinners include a five-course meal with a choice of three different entrees, wine and entertainment.

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