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  SORRY! We are not able to
  accept reservations via e-
  mail because of security
  reasons. Instead, please call:

(in Canada) or
 1-(403) 742-2811
  (outside Canada)

Office hours are
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday to Friday



Feature Excursion Schedule

All trains depart and return to Stettler, Alberta
(Updated: Monday June 17, 2019)

   These trips are a variation on a "Country Dinner" which are the most frequent and popular excursions we offer. Includes steam or diesel-powered rail excursion lasting between five to five and one-half hours, full course buffet meal at destination, entertainment, sightseeing & maybe even a train robbery. These trips are great for children and families.
   The destination for Alberta Prairie excursions is Big Valley. This community was the divisional point for the Canadian Northern Railway in the early 1900s. Feature attractions include restored railway station, roundhouse interpretive centre, St. Edmund Church and Jimmy Jock Boardwalk.

                                                                      PUBLIC TIMETABLES
Alberta Prairie reserves the right to substitute trips to different destinations and to use alternative locomotives in cases of mechanical failure. Although train robbers are scheduled on all (A) excursion with meals, they are only guaranteed on (B) special event and (C) APST Limited excursions. Inclusions on all excursions are subject to change without notice, discount, or refund should circumstances arise which would prevent the delivery of such things as train robberies.

Monday, July 1 - Canada Day Special                                     (A)     
The flags will be flying and your locomotive will be dressed for the
occasion. Join us and help celebrate Canada's birthday. Includes on board
entertainment, time to do some sightseeing and take pictures, and
buffet-style Alberta roast beef meal at Big Valley.

Departs Stettler      11:00 a.m.        Returns Stettler       4:25 p.m.
             Sponsored by Savage Panda Flowers – Stettler

Saturday, July 13 - Live Steam, Vintage Car Show                 (A)
Visit to petting zoo an added feature. You will feel the heat and smell the coal
burning as model steam engine enthusiasts come together to display their
fascinating creations. Working early gasoline pump engines, antique
machinery and vehicles, and one of a kind creations also featured.
Includes Alberta roast of beef buffet, entertainment on train and  robbery.
Departs Stettler      2:30 p.m.
        Returns Stettler       7:55 p.m.
           Sponsored by Bond-O Communications – Stettler

Sunday, July 14 - Live Steam & Vintage Car Show                 (A)
Visit to petting zoo an added feature. Second day of annual Live Steam
Show and a great opportunity to see working live steam models, pump
engines, and antiques up close and operating. Includes entertainment
buffet-style meal featuring a chef’s special potato salad, home
cooked sliced turkey, ham and beef.

Departs Stettler     11:00 a.m.       Returns Stettler      4:25 p.m.
              Sponsored by Northern Plains Rail Services

Friday, Aug. 2 - Old-Time Family Picnic Special                      (A)
Visit to petting zoo an added feature. Bring Grandma, Grandpa & kids and
enjoy old fashioned family picnic, and what would a picnic be without
oven-fried chicken and potato salad. Games for the children and
entertainment for the adults are featured.
Departs Stettler       2:30 p.m.       Returns Stettler       7:55 p.m.
                         Sponsored by Stettler Dodge Ltd.

Mon., Aug. 5 - Ride The Rails Special to Big Valley               (A)
Highlight will be round trip on vintage train and visit to historic railway
town. Locomotive on display and open for public tours. Feature events
include rides on Alberta Prairie's mini train, motor cars (speeder) and
velocipede. This trip is really a "Country Dinner" with an added
features. Includes
buffet-style Alberta roast beef meal.
Departs Stettler      11:00 a.m.      Returns Stettler       4:55 p.m.
              Sponsored by Reinbold Petroleum Ltd. – Stettler

Saturday, Aug. 17 - Free-mo Trains Special         1118 Diesel (A)
Each year modellers create and operate one of the largest model train
layouts of its type in North America.
Participants arrange modules, hooked
them all up, level the entire thing to create bench work covering most of
the entire surface of the Big Valley arena! Trip includes visit to the show
organized by the Calgary Free-mo group, entertainment, and buffet-style
Alberta roast beef meal.
Departs Stettler      2:30 p.m.        Returns Stettler      7:55 p.m.
                 Sponsored by The Coffee Tree – Stettler                            

Sunday, Aug. 18 - Free-mo Trains Special            1118 Diesel (A)
This is the second day of 16th annual Free-mo trains show organized by
the Calgary Free-mo group which was, in 2018,  the largest of its type in
North America.
 Each year modellers create and operate trains over bench
work covering almost the entire surface of the Big Valley arena. Includes
on-board entertainment, and
buffet-style meal featuring a chef’s special
potato salad, sliced turkey, ham and beef
Departs Stettler    1:00 a.m.       Returns Stettler       4:25 p.m.

Sunday, Aug 25 - Highland Special to Big Valley                     (A)
Red Deer Legion Pipe Band will perform in Stettler and again in Big Valley.
buffet-style Alberta roast beef meal plus all the extras offered on
most Country Dinner excursions.
Departs Stettler     11:00 a.m.       Returns Stettler      4:25 p.m.

Fri., Sept. 27 - Fall Colours Special to Big Valley                   (A)
This is a once a year opportunity. Depending on the year spectacular
colours can be seen all along the tracks in the fall. Usually the brush,
trees, grasses and fields have turned to bright gold, orange and reds,
and are wonderful to see up close and away from the highways.
Includes buffet-style
Alberta roast beef meal and on board entertainment.
Departs Stettler     11:00 a.m.       Returns Stettler      3:55 p.m.

Sat., Oct 5 - Fall Supper Special to Big Valley    1118 Diesel (A)
Join us for one of our best excursions of the year and dine on traditional
community fall supper. Outstanding buffet-style meal features roast
turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, garden fresh buttered carrots,
salads, and dessert. Watch out for the bandits!
Departs Stettler      2:30 p.m.         Returns Stettler     7:25 p.m.

Please note all excursion have seats available unless marked SOLD OUT. Even then we recommend calling the reservation desk at 1-800-282-3994 to be added to the wait list for seats that may be freed up.

Menu Options
Because of the nature of what it is we offer Alberta Prairie Railway is not able to provide alternative menu choices. Over the years what we have found is that guests find the buffet more than amble with lots of choices. In special circumstances, and as an alternative to the meat dish offered, guests can request a high-quality vegetable burger by pre-ordering at time of booking.

Reservations can be arranged by phone using MasterCard or VISA. Although we can usually accommodate passengers without reservations, we do sell out and a reservation guarantees seating.

THE POLAR EXPRESS train cancellations will be accepted up until departure. No refunds will be made once the train has left the station. The Polar Express cancellations will receive a 50 percent refund of all monies paid up until the date and time of departure and the return of unused tickets. There will be no refunds after the fact.

With the exception of THE POLAR EXPRESS trains cancellations will be accepted up until 24 hours prior to departure. No refunds will be made with less than 24 hours notice. Cancellations received less than seven (7) days prior will be issued a voucher of equal value for a future trip. With less than five (5) days notice, it may not be possible to seat passengers with their group. Please try to reserve the required number of seats with original booking.

A leisurely drive from Calgary will take approximately three hours and, from Edmonton, two and one-half hours.

Dinners are buffet style, served at the hall in community named and are prepared by the people of that community. Meals usually include Alberta beef, potato, roll, salad, vegetables and dessert.

FINE RAILWAY DINING (Winter Excursions only)
Dinners include a five-course meal with a choice of three different entrees, wine and entertainment.

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