What A Typical Day is Like

Summer excursions begin the May long weekend and continue until mid October each year.

Our Polar Express Excursions begin in mid November and operate until just before Christmas.

On each leg of the summer excursions, professional performers entertain passengers in their seats. For those passengers who want to enjoy the fresh Alberta air, you can spend time in the Open-Air Coach, or you can be entertained while enjoying a ‘cool one’ in the Lone Star Saloon. Concessions on the train have snack foods and refreshments available and the train is fully licensed. Once your ticket has been punched by our Conductor you can wander the train. When you reach your destination, on most excursions, you will be served an Alberta roast beef dinner (included in the fare). There will be plenty of time here to get acquainted with life in rural Alberta and to do some sightseeing. On return to Stettler, Alberta, you can choose to stay over in a hotel or camp in one of our many campgrounds.

An Adventure For The Whole Family

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