Murder Mysteries


All Trains Depart And Return To Stettler, Alberta

Includes diesel-powered excursions lasting six hours and featuring interactive theatre. Passengers are encourage to participate in solving a "Who-Done-It" presented by a company of professional actors. Also included is full course buffet meal. Not recommended for children. Performances may include course language and sexual connotations. The destination for Alberta Prairie excursions is Big Valley. This community was the divisional point for the Canadian Northern Railway in the early 1900s. Feature attractions include restored railway station, roundhouse interpretive centre, St. Edmund Church and Jimmy Jock Boardwalk

Menu Options

Because of the nature of what it is we offer Alberta Prairie Railway is not able to provide alternative menu choices. Over the years what we have found is that guests find the buffet more than amble with lots of choices. In special circumstances, and as an alternative to the meat dish offered, guests can request a high-quality vegetable burger by pre-ordering at time of booking.

An Adventure For The Whole Family

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