2020 Excursions

All Trains Depart And Return To Stettler, Alberta

Alberta Prairie's popular experiences have everything. Including a rail excursion on board a vintage passenger train lasting between five and six hours, a full course buffet meal at destination, entertainment, sightseeing and, with a few exceptions a train robbery. These trips are great for children and families. The destination for Alberta Prairie excursions is Big Valley. This community was the divisional point for the Canadian Northern Railway in the early 1900s. Feature attractions include Jimmy Jock Boardwalk - the little town within a town, restored 1912 Canadian Northern station, St. Edmund’s Church – the blue church on the hill, rail car museum, McAlister Motors – community museum, hand-tool and collectables museum, and roundhouse and elevator interpretive centres.

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Theme Categories

POSTPONED UNTIL 2022, Stage Show performance buffet featuring Prime Rib of Beef, guarantee train robbery, on board entertainment, and wine with meal. The destination for Alberta Prairie excursions is Big...


POSTPONED UNTIL 2022. Country Dinner (A) type excursion is the most frequent and popular trip offered by Alberta Prairie Railway. These trips include a round-trip excursion on board a vintage...


POSTPONED UNTIL 2022. Includes diesel-powered excursions lasting six hours and featuring interactive theatre. Passengers are encourage to participate in solving a "Who-Done-It" presented by a company of professional actors. Also...


POSTPONED UNTIL 2022. Special event excursions include steam or diesel-powered rail excursion lasting between six, and six and one-half hours, upscale buffet meal, on board and special entertainment. The destination...


POSTPONED UNTIL 2022. Teddy Bear Specials are really a variation on our popular "Country Dinner" theme trips and are good for all ages. These diesel-powered trips last five and one-half...


The magical story comes to life as the train departs Stettler, Alberta for a one hour long round-trip journey to the North Pole. Set to the sounds of the motion...


An Adventure For The Whole Family

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